Irish Translation

Cape Clear Island Language Services (Ionad Foghlama Chléire) was set up as a professional provider of Irish Translation in 2003. We are a small, very specialised business which has established itself with many clients in the Irish Public Service, large Translation companies which work for the EU Administration as well as with private clients worldwide.

What kind of jobs do we do?
1) Translations from English and German to Irish and from Irish to English and German
2) Proofreading of Irish translations
3) Translations from German to English
4) Transcripts of audio files

What type of files do we accept?
1) MS Office files or equivalent (e.g. Open Office)
2) xliff files
3) Wordfast files
4) html files
5) PDF files as long as it is ok with you that we send the translation back in MS word

How fast do we deliver?
We can translate ca 1500-2000 words per day, depending on difficulty of text and file format of the source text. Small jobs under 200 words can usually be done on the same day or for before lunchtime the next day.

How much does it cost?
We usually charge per word, the price depending on language combination and subject matter (e.g. German to Irish is more expensive than English to Irish, and law, life sciences and very technical texts are more expensive than texts about social matters, education, general economics, general financial, politics or tourism related texts).  Proofreading is also charged per word, depending on quality of translation and subject matter. In some cases an hourly wage is applied. All prices for Irish Translations are agreed on an individual basis with the client before a contract is made.

We guarantee complete confidentiality to our clients and are happy to sign agreements to that effect.Irish Translation Service, Cape Clear Island, Co. Cork

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